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Serving the Mankato and Lake Crystal area since 2003!


Net Medix, Inc. is not your average computer repair shop. Not only do our technicians have the experience and expertise to get the job done, but they have certification to prove it. When you choose Net Medix, you can be confident that the job will not only be done thoroughly; but in a timely manner as well. Getting a crucial job done quickly does not cost; it pays.




Need a new machine? Laptop & Desktop, Home & Business. We have them all!

Yes. We sell PCs too. Yes, it's almost unfair, but we do! If you ever want to purchase a new home PC or laptop for home, work, or school, remember that we can sell them all! Not only do we sell them, but we can set them up in-store. We can even get a free copy of antivirus software installed if you want us to. Just give us a call, and we will be happy to help you find a PC that fits you best. Just from having a quick discussion, we will know what hardware is required for your specific needs. If you decide to purchase a PC from us, we can have it custom built for you through Dell, setup and updated, and delivered to you (and even set up on-site if you want) within a few days.

As you can see by our Certifications, we are Dell registered partners. This means that we have what a lot of other business don't have. We have the ability to custom order a factory-made machine from Dell for a very low price, all while being certified to work on the machines after they arrive. Net Medix works to ensure that your computer is completely ready before you use it, unlike other stores that will just kick them out the door the second after they arrive.

So there you have it. We offer it cheaper. We can get it quicker. We make it even better, and we can even install free (very high quality) antivirus software. It's a wonder why you haven't picked up the phone yet! Here is our Contact Us page if you are interested.