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Net Medix Mankato & Lake Crystal PC Support Central

Serving the Mankato and Lake Crystal area since 2003!


Net Medix, Inc. is not your average computer repair shop. Not only do our technicians have the experience and expertise to get the job done, but they have certification to prove it. When you choose Net Medix, you can be confident that the job will not only be done thoroughly; but in a timely manner as well. Getting a crucial job done quickly does not cost; it pays.




Professional-Grade Networking, Home or Business!

Networking is our main service. Of course, we offer others, but networking is one of the most in-demand services of the digital age. We take our job seriously whether it's a simple home router setup for wireless networking or a enterprise-class multi-building network. We have encountered every possible setup requirement and networking mishap there is. Here at Net Medix, we believe networking is an art, and not something to be overlooked and forgotton. We get the job done quickly, and we do it thoroughly. The ultimate goal of a network is to get everyone connected to everything they need to and, for security reasons, nothing more. We do this all while keeping the project affordable and open to future expansion.

Keep in mind that this is not our full list of Networking Services, but does cover our most popular & in demand Networking Services.

  • Home Network Setup & Expansion
  • Home & Business Network Component Sales and Setup
  • Small & Medium sized Business Networks
  • Server Setup
  • High-grade Firewalls & Security Solutions
  • VPN & VOIP Phone System Solutions
  • Mail Server & Backup Configuration

To see a larger list of services, you can always check the Home Page, too.